A Shower Is A Shower

Some of us don’t give a shower a second thought. We get in and do our business and that’s that. But others make it a big deal to have the right shower and who knew there were so many choices out there? I’m not talking step in or part of a bathtub or stand alone or custom, but just the different types of showers and shower heads you can have.

So we start with the concealed shower, which, by its name would suggest you can’t see it unless you’re looking for it, and it stays well within the minimalist style bathroom. This is a shower head that is literally mounted on the ceiling, flush with the ceiling actually, so it looks like a vent. It is space saving, it is certainly different and it offers great flow. You can choose from waterfall, rain, revolve or mist options so it’s versatile and you can even get one with LED lights in it so you have not only a water show but a light show as well. All in a handy, hard to see, minimalist looking shower. Genius.

When we take our car through a car wash the car is doused by many showers of water. There isn’t just one like us people use, as they like to get the car from many angles. Well, showers for people now come like that too and they’re called body showers. Instead of just one shower head there are multiple ones and they hit your body at all different places and angles. You can choose the flow of the water and have a deep body massage while you shower if you wish, or simply stand there while the water gently mists your body. This type of shower really pushes your bathroom into your very own hydrotherapy room and is ideal–why have the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary?

Then there is the rainhead shower. It’s great for those who loved playing in the rain and who love looking at and wanting to be in the rain. They’ve brought that option indoors now and so you can go into the rain at any time you wish. It consists of a big head that, the wider you go, the better the rain experience will be. They even have models with built in air effects to fully mimic those lovely rainy days so many of us love. What will they think of next?