Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors or UPVC Bi-Fold: Which Is Better?

As a general practice doors are mainly installed at the entrance of any place to stop the unwanted entrance of intruders and protect your valuables from being stolen by them. Therefore, when it comes to installation of doors every person tries to get heavy and big doors installed at his entrance which along with offering complete security to his home also helps in making it aesthetically appealing from exteriors. But, apart from entrance gate there are various places inside the home where it is imperative to install doors to retain privacy of every family member.

It is the point where almost lots of people get confused, especially the persons who have less space inside the house and where installing big doors like the one installed at entrance is not possible. So, finally what is the solution of this problem? Because generally a door comprises of mainly two separate gates which can be closed by swinging them, but the problem with these doors is that they cover huge area after they are opened due to which sometimes it is difficult to keep the furniture properly inside the room because of them.

Interestingly going this concern of various home owners use of bi-folding doors in recent years has emerged as the panacea of the problem.

What are Bi-Folding Doors? In simple words bi-folding doors may be defined as the doors that get folded like paper after they are opened. These doors are mainly developed for the places where people struggle for finding additional space of their room. Normally these doors consist of two doors which are attached by making use of a hinge in the centre. Depending upon your requirement these doors facilitate you to either drift them in one side or fold them.

The most common types of bi-fold doors are Aluminium bi-fold doors and bi-fold UPVC doors.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors: Since its inception aluminium is considered as one an expensive metal as compared to timber and UPVC. But, when it comes to investment in items that you want to use for long term a person doesn’t consider the cost of product so as to enjoy flawless use of that item with low maintenance and less chances of repairs.

The major benefits enjoyed by installing by users from Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors are:

  1. Now days going through the concern of eco-friendly products people throughout the world are preferring to for products that do not harm the atmosphere and therefore from that point of view aluminium doors can be regarded as the best choice. The aluminium is not only eco-friendly metal but can also be re-cycled for its additional use.
  2. As compared to other door configuration doors from aluminium are available with wide options of colors and designs, depending upon your requirement you can get them developed for your use.
  3. The combination of high quality aluminium and glass make these doors a perfect combination of insulated product that helps in retaining constant room temperature under varied atmospheric conditions. During the summer these doors do not let the cool air exit from your room and vice-versa during the winter.
  4. The sliding sashes of these doors help in offering additional space depending upon the infrastructure of place where these doors are installed.

Bi-Fold UPVC Doors: As a general practice people get confused between the terms UPVC and PVC, interestingly there is not any difference between them. Where UPVC stands for un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride on the other side PVC refers to polyvinyl chloride. The products made from them are enriched with plethora of features which include;

  1. Weather resistance;
  2. Do not decompose;
  3. Strong;
  4. Easy to recycle;
  5. Do not get affected by the temperature and
  6. Cost effective

Going through all these above mentioned features most of the people with limited funds across the world go for Bi-Fold UPVC Doors. Installation of these doors facilitates you make full use of your room space allowing the substantial flow of natural light and air inside your room. The roller mechanism installed at the top and beneath of these doors offer smooth operation of slides that are integrated in the external frame of the doors making it easier for user to open these doors slightly without any discomfort.

The major benefits of these doors can be summarized as follows:

  1. After installing these doors at your place you will not require to look after their regular maintenance, which means you can save enough money to buy other contemporary accessories for your place.
  2. As compared to timber doors they are available in different colors and shapes and therefore depending upon the interior decorum of your room you can buy doors for your place.