Doors Suitable for Tight Spaces

In smaller homes, people might experience that their doors are taking up too much space when opened. There is, of course, a solution for this problem.

Pocket doors will help you with the tight space situation. The door has the sliding mechanism but fits into the wall thus saving a large amount of space. The whole concept is also modern and practical without any electronic application.

Barn doors are not as common and don’t have a modern home appeal. However it is rustic and gives the home a country likeness. This option is set up with a metal railing on the top. The barn door slides easily from side to side closing the necessary space and avoiding swinging.

Folding doors can be used in any room of the house provided the correct privacy screen is present. This particular option folds neatly to one side of the room giving you a large amount of space. They are also customisable features where the frame, panels or colour can be changed.

Shoji Doors are Japanese style doors that create a beautiful oriental element in the home. It takes a bold person with much creativity to choose this option. The panels on the surface are basically sheets of paper yet it is designed so perfectly that it appears decorative and functional. This is a wonderful space saving piece that adds a bit of relaxation to the atmosphere. It will give you that feeling of Zen.

Accordion doors are so versatile in this day and age. These are a bit different to folding pieces as they are usually made of a type of plastic for a tighter close. You can also have beautiful pictures painted on them to give them a fresh and artistic look. Your creativity can shine through in the passage way. They are ideal for the home office because they allow you to have temporary private space for when you have to bring work home.

When you are looking at what type of doors to fit in your home and you want to be creative, then you could have one designed for you at a custom door manufacturer. Most places usually only have standard sizes in standard colours. If you have a specific design for your home, then go for it. You are the one who lives in it every day so you should be the one that is happiest with the d├ęcor.