Important Features to Look for in Heat Pumps

If you’re looking to replace the current heating system you have, why wait? You can upgrade to the newest system and have it installed in your home or business and have it functional within a few days. Many people are hesitant to replace their heat pumps, worrying that they will deal with problems once it has been installed.

This worry is often minor and shouldn’t put you off from upgrading, which can come with several benefits. Haier heat pumps, for example, come with a myriad of features that make it worth switching to a newer system for heating and cooling your residential or commercial building.

Let’s discuss some important features you should keep an eye out for when shopping for heat pumps.

Compressor Technology

Many standard pumps only operate at a single speed, which is full capacity. Consider upgrading to a pump with a two-stage or variable-stage compressor, which can increase the efficiency of the unit. Two-stage compressors are able to meet the needs of the home more accurately. You’ll also have to deal with less noise, as these systems are often quieter than older heat pumps.

Motor Speeds

Motors that have variable speeds are another feature to keep in mind when looking for Haier heat pumps and other options for home heating and cooling solutions. Having multiple speeds makes it easier to control the temperature in the home and manage efficiency. Instead of immediately blowing out air, variable speed motors gradually change speeds in order to quietly and effectively alter the temperature of the home.

Water & Pool Heating

Heat pumps can also be used to heat water so that it can be stored in your water heater for later use. Heating water using a warm pump is much less expensive than using an electric heating process. Water heating can actually make up a significant portion of your energy costs, oftentimes averaging around 20 percent of energy budgets. This can make a new warm pump an appealing option to pool owners and those that simply want to further reduce energy costs.

No Need for Backup Heating

When the temperatures tumble below freezing, the efficiency of some heat pumps begins to drop. But there are brands that are proven to stack up in these conditions. For all temperatures that are experienced in Tasmania, Daikin and Haier heat pumps have proven to continue to be effective for home heating. So there is no need for a backup heating system – quality brands provide everything you need to keep your home or office warm in all conditions.

Your home doesn’t have to be outfitted with a heating pump that is from over ten years ago. You can have a new unit installed quickly and easily by technicians that are experienced in dealing with heating solutions of all kinds. Tasmanian residents and businesses can get in touch with local services that can provide even more information on different features available and see how they benefit the home.