Guide On How To Choose A House Plan

The way your house looks is greatly determined by your initial house plan. To choose the right plan you need to consider these factors:


Are there children in your home? When designing the layout of the rooms you should put a lot of emphasis on the size and age of the children. If you have small children and are planning of having more little ones in the future, you should have private spaces. This calls for you to group the bedrooms and bathrooms in one area of the home.

If you have teenagers in the house you should have bedrooms that are separated from each other.

Your lifestyle

Are you a private or entertaining person? If you love having parties in the house you should leave enough space for entertainment purposes. One of the best ways of going about it is having a wide foyer opening into your dining or living room.

If you are a private person you should go for a plan with a small living room. If you don’t like your entire home being on display when you open the front door, you should go for a formal living room. You should design the living room in such a way that the room is adjacent the front door.

Such a house will give the guests a place to sit and immediately feel at home while at the same time leaving the rest of the house private.


The number of stories that you should have solely depends on your budget. Many people who like to avoid the noise coming from overhead foot traffic go for single story houses. Single story homes tend to have public rooms in the centre of the house while the bathroom and bedrooms are located at the “wings” of the floor plan.

Multistory houses on the other hand give you a wide view of your area. Since they are large, they provide every member of the family with his/her own room thus every family member has the privacy that he/she deserves.

While the house has these benefits, you have to cope with noise coming from overhead foot traffic. The noise is more pronounced when you have little children.


These are just a few factors that you should consider when getting a house plan. For you to get a good plan you should work with a professional architect. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the architect has previously worked on your desired plan.