Unexplained Itching? Feel Bugs But None Are There? Could Be Mites!

Do you wake up in the night itching? Do you feel like there are bugs crawling on your skin yet you can’t see anything? Is this worse at night?

And the real kicker – are there others in your household who DON’T have this problem?

Sounds like you could have mites. The good news is there is hope!

Mites are microscopic pests that are not visible to the human eye. No matter how strong a magnifying glass, you cannot see them. Don’t even try – you’ll drive yourself nuts looking.

As for the sensation of crawling bugs, these crazy pests actually move in unison. On your flesh, it feels almost like a thin strand of hair is falling and brushing your skin. It can happen in the same spots with frequency or can move around to different areas depending on how many mites have established themselves on you.

Then there is the itching. It is a reaction to tiny bites. Some people just feel the pin pricks of the bites as they happen which feels like an uncomfortable, intense itch. Others are allergic to the bites and develop anything from a menacing rash to painful pustules.

If the crawling and biting activity is greatest at night, the itching can happen at any time. Compare this to mosquito bites – you don’t necessarily feel the mosquito as it is sucking your blood. But you sure feel the itchy welt that can last for days or weeks. Same with the bites from mites. The biter may be long gone but you can itch from the bite for days – even when there is no feeling of crawling or active biting.

It seems the greatest frustration with this horrible pest is that not everyone is affected by them. You might be absolutely miserable dealing with the symptoms, yet the others in the house have no problems whatsoever. In their defense, if you are all sitting in the same room, in the same bed or on the same couch and you are going nuts and they are not bothered at all, what would be their reasonable reaction? They may be sorry to hear that you are miserable but can’t imagine why – and since there is no evidence, and they have no problem, sadly it must be in your mind. Truly a reasonable reaction but NO! THIS IS NOT IMAGINED!

Mites are real and they can cause unimaginable distress. You are not going crazy!