A Basic Guide to Industrial Automatic Screwdriver Feeder

Technological advancements allow the invention of a variety of useful devices and machines. And all of them play one role: they make our lives much more easy and comfortable. If screws are fed and locked manually, they can cost a lot of time. Apart from this, manual labor is not good if you want to achieve high capacity and efficiency. Let’s take a look at the basics of industrial automatic screwdriver feeder.

What is Automatic Screwdriver Feeder?

This type of machine features an automatic mechanism for the completion of repeating tasks, such as fetching, placing and tightening screws. Basically, a screw dispenser is a machine that comprises two major parts:

  • The feeder: As the name suggests, it does the screening of screws.
  • The screwdriver: This part takes and tightens screws.

The deployment of these devices can help give a boost to the work efficiency and cut down on the labor cost.

Know Your Products

If you want to add an automatic screw feeder to your workplace assembly, make sure that the unit is beneficial for your system. Also, you may want to make an analysis of the requirements of your products. The idea is to ensure you really need the machine.

These feeders can feed and send a lot of screws at a much faster pace. You may be thinking what will happen if you want to tighten threes screws of different sizes. In this case, the good news is that your product may need only one screw feeder to get the job done.

Set Your Screw Feeders

Apart from using the screw feeder for the right product, make sure you set it in position. Given below are some points that you must consider for positioning the device in the process:

  • Make sure it works seamlessly
  • Make sure that it’s accessible for the operator ergonomically without any problem
  • Make sure the refilling is quick

It’s important that you have both operator’s workstation and screw presenter in good position regardless of the hybrid, cell or line phase. Generally, you may want to position the workstation as close to the assembly stations as possible.


Also, you should design the mechanism in a way that getting it refilled is a piece of cake. There are two ways to feed screw presenters. One way is to use an input bin and the other is to use the piping method. If you go for the big input bins, you won’t need to refill regularly. If you are trying to opt for the location of the screw feeder, make sure you consider the accessibility factor as well.


Today’s manufacturing systems are dependent on automatic screw feeders. The reason is that these devices can feed as many screws as you want in no time. So, it makes sense to get your assembly line improved significantly. Investing in a good device can help you make your assembly process a lot better than before.