Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Chain Link Fence From Boss Metal

When it comes to temporary chain link fences, one can expect to find them in different dimensions. There’s a height of 4′,6′,7′,8′. Also, the best part is, it isn’t very hard to get your very own custom dimensions for fencing panels. The panels from Boss Metal Temporary Chain Link Panels Co. Ltd. are among the best and meet the ASTM-396 Standard Galvanized requirements. They have over ten plus experience of hand-made welding works, thus making them one of the best in the industry.

Types of Fence Panels

The Boss Metal Temporary Chain Link Panel Co. Ltd. provides a wide range of chain wire and weld wire panels. Some of them include –

  • Temporary Panels

These temporary panels have a dimension of around 6’X10′ to 6’X12′ for the ones providing medium security. Then there’s also the high security ones with higher demand that range between 8’X12′ to 8’X14′. The best part is that these chain links are very easy to install. These crowd control barriers can be a great choice since they provide high-security and come at an affordable price.

  • Powder Coated Temporary Panels

When compared with temporary panels, these powder-coated panels are more rigid and robust. They usually range between 6’X10′ to 6’X9.5′ and are coated with powder. Also, they are available in all colours. These fences usually have a width of 12′ and 14′.

  • Heras Mobile Fencing Panels

This one from the “M” series is a matured mobile fence system that provides a complete solution to the vehicle, pedestrian, and wind protection. It is a reliable mesh fence solution and a more classical version when compared to the other in the list.

Different Types of Braces

There are also options of different types of braces that you should know of.

  1. Cross Brace Temporary Panel
  2. Horizontal Temporary Fence Panel
  3. Vertical Brace Chain Link Panel

About the Features and Technical Details

When it comes to the production of a temporary chain link fence, you can have a variety of tube options with tubes of different dimensions ranging from 1″ to 1.875″. They are also hot-dipped galvanized during the making to ensure optimum quality. These fence panels are made according to USA standards of 1.2oz/ft2. The detailing is also given to the fence stands. These are sturdy and work as great crowd control. The joints of these chain link fence panels are welded and sprayed in order to cover any exposed metal.

Also, talking about the fence stand, you can choose from a number of different options. There’s oval design base, square design base, and HDPE fence base. And not just the base, but it’s also the clamps where one can see the immaculate detailing.