Getting Your Security On-Line

Is getting Your Security and Locks On-Line Safe? The answer is it depends on what you need and where you get it from.

Over this past year we all have become more comfortable in getting most things from an On-Line dealer or retailer. Those restaurants that survived this Pandemic did it by transitioning to On-Line order with pick up. Well, the same can be done safely with your locks.

Find out some information about your On-Line Lock Dealer.

  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. Do they service the locks they sell?
  3. Can they custom key your locks?
  4. Are they Authorized to sell High Security Locks?
  5. Can they design and manufacturer locks and security systems?
  6. Do they have an On-Line site, so that you can order locks 24/7?
  7. Do they have lock experts on staff that you can speak to?

In these times the most important question would be the first question, “How long have they been in business”. A lot of people started web only businesses in the past year to take advantage of the Pandemic and lock downs that we had. Most have no idea what they are doing, they are just “Passing Through” product to you the end user.

This may be OK for some types of businesses, but it could mean disaster for you. Only choose locks from someone you trust to be there in the long term. If you call an On-Line Lock, if you can call them at all, can they answer complicated technical questions? There are a few Lock Specialty Companies that can. Locking Systems International is one.

Buying a pre-packaged padlock to secure your shed in the back yard would be OK to order from any On-Line lock dealer or ever a big box store. But if you are protecting something of value or even people like your family only trust a lock company that offers full service not just sales.

Another security item that has changed are home alarm systems. These have been redesigned and changed so that the average homeowner can order a system and do the installation themselves. This also included central station monitoring. These systems can be simple or completed tailored to fit the needs of the end user.

Getting your locks and/or security from an On-Line dealer can be safe so long as you do your homework on that dealer.